Snoozle makes waking up awesome, by swapping your boring alarm tone, for voice messages from your mates!


So if you dislike the sound of your alarm clock, but you like your friends, then you're in the right place.

With Snoozle, you still control the time your alarm goes off, but what you wake up to is in the hands of your weird and wonderful friends!

Completely free, and easy to use:

As well as waking you up better, Snoozle can help you drift off to sleep:


snoozle lullabies

Soothing sounds to help you drift off to sleep

Snoozle is free to download and free to use on both iOS and Android.

So join the thousands of people around the world who have said farewell to their dreaded alarm clock, and download Snoozle to give it a try with your friends. You’ll never look back!

Together, we're changing the way the world wakes up:


Snoozle - the fastest ever crowdfunding campaign!

In October 2017, Snoozle became the #1 Investment Opportunity on Europe's largest crowdfunding platform, reaching its target within just 9 hours of going live!