Wake Up To Snoozle!

The world’s connected clock radio for social & on demand content!

The easiest way for you & your friends to wake up to new personalised content instead of an alarm tone, every day! Those first few minutes of the day are important to put a smile on your face & kick-start your day with positivity.

Snoozle is the platform that let’s any friend, family member or content creator in the world be the alarm tone of their audience. You set the time of your own alarm, but your friends & the creators you follow create the content you wake up to!

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Fall Asleep to Snoozle Lullabies.

Unwind & drift off to relaxing soundscapes or soothing sounds with Snoozle Lullabies.

Even when you’re asleep, your brain is always listening… But it’s not noises keeping you awake it’s how the noises change. Our Snoozle Lullabies drown out those disruptive noises & calm your brain with soft, soothing sounds that don’t require any real focus.

Snoozle Lullabies

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Discover creators.

With a single toggle switch you can wake up to new content, different every day, provided by awesome content creators.

Or select Soothing Sounds or Soothing Melodies and you’ll wake up to something soft, gentle & most importantly… different every day.

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Create Tomorrow.

Have fun waking up your followers. They set the time of their own alarm, but you can provide the content.

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PS: Snoozle is completely free!