Positive Mental Health, with Snoozle

Better Sleep with snoozle

Sleep is good. It’s really good actually, and we love it.

Getting a good nights sleep helps your physical health, and if we all do it, it even helps the economy! But more importantly than that, sleep helps your mental health & your connection to others around you in every day life.

That’s why there are some other awesome apps out there (you could call them our ‘competitors’) like Calm & Pzizz, which also do a really great job at helping users get a better night’s sleep. Healthier sleep really does equal healthier minds, and Snoozle is helping with that through our Snoozle Lullabies feature:

  • Watching video or looking at a screen exposes your eyes to ‘blue light’ which prevents the creation of melatonin. Listening to audio content (Snoozle Lullabies) can still help you unwind, but removes the blue light from the bedroom allowing you to drift off easier

  • Your brain never stops listening, even when you’re asleep, but it’s not noise that keeps you awake, it’s the change of noise. Snoozle Lullabies has a variety of soundscapes & soothing sounds which give your subconscious soft and consistent noise to focus on, helping you drift off faster & be woken less regularly

better startS with snoozle

Along with tens of thousands of Snoozlers around the world, we’re on a mission to change the way the world wakes up. The Snoozle alarm clock let’s any friend, family member or content creator be the very first thing their audience hears every single day. That’s an awesome opportunity to get people’s day off to the best possible start; discovering a new musician, waking up to jokes, a cute update from a friend and/ or a nice message from a loved one.

But we’re realistic… some very healthy friendships are built on ‘banter’ rather than cuteness. Some comedy is hilariously witty to some, but controversial & offensive to others. People are all different, we all have our own opinions, views & values… and our own preferences as to what, and who, we want to wake up to (whether that’s on Snoozle or not).

We have built this platform for you - the Snoozle community. But please, respect people.


  • DO Personalise your in-app Snoozle settings so they’re right for you

    • Who can send you Snoozles

    • Who can hear your content

    • Whether you’d like ‘beeps’ between Snoozles in your alarm

    • Whether you’d like a ‘gong’ once all of your Snoozles have played

  • DO Invite & Follow people you trust, that matter to you

    • Friends

    • Family

    • Positive Content Creators

  • DO Wake people how you’d want to be woken

    • Play nice

  • DO Contact Us with how we can improve your experience, and please let us know of any ‘un-Snoozle-like’ behaviour you experience on the platform


  • DON’T Send hateful Snoozles

  • DON’T Use racist language

  • DON’T Be a bully

  • DON’T Use Snoozle if you’re under the age of 12

better sOCIAL with snoozle

Social Media gets a lot of bad press these days, and some of it is justified. But whatever you think of them, the big social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter have the power to give people a voice & fundamentally help us connect with others. They were built as platforms to help us humans better satisfy a human need we all share: connection.

But it is fair to say that this ‘digital connection’ has gone too far. We can blame the platforms, but we as users have to share that responsibility. Snoozle isn’t designed to replace these other social platforms - we actually think they’re great, when used right.

So imagine if you could satisfy that need for connection in a better way. Imagine if Social Media didn’t have to be about checking your phone 20+ times a day, but you could get your news/ updates from influencers/ banter & interactions in a morning news feed as your alarm clock, live your best life, sleep well, and then go again tomorrow. That, to us, is better social.

We also promise to never force our Snoozlers to show a public ‘follower count’ or ‘likes’, as we believe the pursuit of ‘vanity metrics’ like this can inadvertently be damaging for users (& the social media experience). So if you want to use Snoozle with just your boyfriend or girlfriend and nobody else, then that’s cool with us and you shouldn’t feel bad for ‘only having one follower’ or ‘not getting many likes’!

better sWITCH OFF with snoozle

Smartphone addiction is a real thing, and lots of us would probably benefit from spending a little less time looking at a screen.

So we were delighted to see the iOS 12 update from Apple helping people manage their screen time, and there are various apps in the world that enable smartphone users (or their parents) to restrict certain apps at certain times (such as bedtime). Plus, we recognise that for some people & families, boycotting all technology from the bedroom is an appropriate solution to help them focus on getting the sleep they deserve. But we also appreciate:

  • Physically separating people from their smartphones (known as ‘nomophobia’) can actually result in greater anxiety - especially amongst young people

  • Having a connected device in your bedroom that enables you to fall asleep better (Snoozle Lullabies) & wake up happier (Snoozle’s Alarm Clock) can help with sleep

  • Lasting behavioural change is better induced by the option to switch off from digital, rather than it being forced

That’s why we let users track the completed hours they’ve spent within ‘Snoozle’s Sleep Mode’ - a simple dark screen that can operate as a bedside clock if desired. That means the smartphone can remain in the bedroom, Snoozle Lullabies can be enjoyed, but there’s next to no visual stimulation from the screen.

It helps our users keep access to their phone should they feel they need it, but encourages them to be switched off from wanting to pick it up & check their phone.

Better Social with Snoozle: User Pledge

Better Social with Snoozle: User Pledge