Wake Up To New Music!

Our alarm building feature allows you to add ‘New Music’ into your alarm! So you can wake up to 30 seconds of new music, from hand-picked creators.

  • Tap ‘Wake Up To’ on your home screen

  • Toggle ‘New Music’ to ‘On’

  • Hold & drag to select your preferred alarm order

  • In the morning, at the time you’ve set, your alarm will wake you up to New Music

Wake up to new music

Meet some of the awesome Wake Up Artists:

Are you a creator?

We’re always looking for great content creators to work with. So if you’re interested in free access to tens of thousands of people around the world (mostly UK), waking up to your content, please get in touch!

We don’t mind if you've got 100 followers or 1,000,000… if your content is good we’d love to work with you & help grow your audience.

Get your music heard with Snoozle


PS: Snoozle is free!