What Snoozle does

Instead of your alarm tone, Snoozle lets you wake up to voice messages from the people you follow; FRIENDS and CREATORS! 🧡

The voice messages you wake up to delete themselves after you have heard them, meaning your morning wake-ups are different every single day. So you’ll never get sick and tired of your alarm ever again!

Wake up to content

When you use it

You can send ‘Snoozles’ (voice messages) to your friends every day, whenever you want. But remember, they’ll only hear them at the time they have set their own alarm ⏰.

The Snoozles you have received will play at the time you have set your own alarm!

Wake up at the time you set!

Why you should

By changing the way the world wakes up, we can all make the world more awesome. People don’t like their current alarm tone, but they do like the people they follow on social media; friends and creators…

Q: So wouldn’t the world be more awesome if the very first thing people heard in the day was something (or someone) they actually like?

A: Yes, yes it would.

make people happy